About me

For over 20 years now I am working in IT security. I am following the latest technology developments like Next Generation Firewalls, SIEM, DLP or Micro-Virtualization with great interest. They offer significant opportunities to mitigate vulnerabilities and to increase the security level in a company.

But from my point of view adding just new technology to an existing IT landscape will not inevitably and sustainably increase the overall security. The best technology will be of no use if people are not aware of security risks and no processes exist to keep the risks as low as possible.

I believe that only the classic PPT change approach, which includes People, Processes and Technology, will sustainably lead to an increased overall security.

With this pages I want to share some thoughts on this with you.

For more details about my professional career please see my LinkedIn profile.

Happy reading!

Klaus Jochem

Klaus Jochem, Plymouth Notch, 2013