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Windows 10 offers two-factor authentication out of the box – Thank’s, Microsoft!

30 October 2014

Native support for Two Factor Authentication in Windows 10. This news saved my day!

This new security feature in Windows 10 might be the reason why IT groups start evaluation of Windows 10 as soon possible. Because with Two Factor Authorization all data breaches with root cause ‘theft of credentials’ will become impossible. Phishing attacks in the enterprise environment will become meaningless and the ‘strong password’ discussion obsolete from one day to the next.

But the best is yet to come: Two Factor Authentication will be available for all platforms. With windows 10 you can use the same Two Factor Authentication method for your mobile devices as for your laptop or workstation. It’s really a pity that Windows 10 will not run on iDevices.

For details see the Jim Alkove’s post ’Windows 10: Security and Identity Protection for the Modern World’

Hopefully, Microsoft will support Two Factor Authentication also for the Windows Home Editions.